• Where can I get the Diamondbrite process applied to my car?

    There are many official Diamondbrite dealers, centers and valeters around the country who can apply the process for you. If you call the office on 01622 815679 and go through to customer services they will be able to put you in contact with the relevant area manager who will be able to advise you of the best place locally for you to take your vehicle.

  • Can I purchase the Diamondbrite and apply it myself, or does it need to be professionally done?

    The Diamondbrite process has to be applied professionally by a registered Dealership, Centre or Valeting Service; this is due to the nature of the process and the lifetime guarantee.

  • How much will the Diamondbrite process cost?

    As we are the manufactures of Diamondbrite we are not able, by law, to set a retail price for the product. To get a quote for the treatment please see your local Diamondbrite dealership.

  • How long will the process last?

    On the internal fabric and exterior paint work there is a lifetime guarantee. We advise the monthly application of Diamondbrite Conserver to maintain the high lustre finish to your car, however this is not required to maintain the lifetime guarantee.

  • How do I apply the conserver?

    To apply the conserver we recommend that once per month, after a normal shampooing of your vehicle that you then take a clean bucket of water add 2 capfuls of the Conserver and apply over the paintwork with a sponge. Then rinse off the car with clean water, and to get the best results leather off. The reason for applying the conserver after you have washed the car normally is to ensure the Conserver gets directly on the paint and does its job, which is to bolster the protection on your car. Also you can apply the conserver via a car wash by putting the 2 capfuls of the product on the front wings and bonnet; this is then spread back across the paint work as the brushes move along your car (Full instructions are on the bottle).

  • Can I use a car wash or a jet wash with the Diamondbrite?

    Yes with the Diamondbrite process applied to your car it is possible to use an automatic car wash or jet wash. The Diamondbrite will actually help to protect you against the risk involved with an automatic car wash, which can pick up dirt/stone from the previous car and scratch your paintwork. When using a car wash many of them have different levels of cleaning, some containing a waxing cycle, please do not use any mode that includes this. Instead use the basic wash setting and you can apply the conserver to your vehicle via the carwash by putting a little of the product on the front wings and bonnet (Please see Conserver bottle for full details).

  • Where can I purchase more stocks of the shampoo and conserver?

    The shampoo and conserver should be readily available from the Dealership where the process was applied. If however you have any problems obtaining these aftercare products, please contact the Jewelultra sales office on 01622 815 679 and you may place an order using a credit, debit or switch card. For listings on the products and prices please visit the PRODUCTS section of the website.


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